Water Testing

KRF laboratory has a standalone water testing department to carry out water analysis of various sources and as per client guidelines.

Our lab is approved by BIS, NABL and ISO 15000: 9001 for water analysis. We carry out water analysis for several industries as per client norms.

Some of the types of water and wastewater analysis we do are:

  1. Drinking water analysis as per IS 10500 :2012
  2. Borewell water analysis
  3. Ground water analysis
  4. Sewage water analysis
  5. Wastewater analysis
  6. Effluent water analysis
  7. Raw water analysis
  8. Radioactive testing of water
  9. Packaged drinking water
  10. Pesticide analysis
  11. Solid and Hazardous Waste analysis

Other standalone analysis includes COD, BOD, pH, TDS, Residual free, Chlorine, microbiology, heavy metal analysis and many more

We serve many industries for testing the quality of their water such as pharmaceutical, textile, food, chemical, nutraceutical, personal, farms and several others.