Konark Research Foundation (KRF) was set up in 2002, by our visionary chairman Mr Rakesh Gupta with the support of his father Late Sajjan Gupta. The laboratory was started with just one purpose : To provide quality testing services for all pharmaceutical companies.

Back in 2002 we started off small, but over the years the KRF family has grown leaps and bounds. Today we have over 65 people working at our laboratory. Each employee brings to the table a plethora of skills and knowledge.

The laboratory, initially started with just pharma product testing but as we grew so did our capabilities. We expanded and delved into various analytical services.

Our Services :

  • -Water testing
  • -Environmental monitoring
  • -Pharmaceutical Testing
  • -Contract Research
  • -FMCG product Testing


At KRF we ensure that every product is tested with utmost precision and at the same time we understand the importance of timely analysis.


To provide affordable analytical services to various industries.


Quick and precise analytical services