Environmental management system

Environmental management system

Study And Assessment Service

We offer the following Study and Assessment Services as part of Environmental Analysis:

  • Performance of exiting pollution control facilities.
  • Application of suitable technology to treat wastes.

Environmental Impacts:

  • Designing the ETP and STP’s.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Effluent Treatment Plants Effluent Treatment Plants  o Operation and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plants Various Technical supports.

In the Field of Environment What Services We Carry Out:

We offer the following part of Environmental Analysis:

  • Environmental audits as per for the SSI, MSI and LSI units.
  • Environmental impact   assessment studies for new or expansion project like industrial, road, dam project, residential and city schemes.
  • Waste Audits.
  • Water Audit.
  • Environment Management Systems.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Services


We also offer the following services to our customers:

  • Research & Development Contract.
  • Setting Up An In-House Laboratory.
  • Water Resources Evaluation, Development & Management.
  • Treatability/Recycling/Utilization/Reuse Of Wastes (Effluent/Solid).


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